«Tzar Caviar» (5555)

“Tzar Caviar” - a new delicious product consisting solely of genuine natural components with no artificial additives.  Made of ocean fish fillets “Tzar Caviar” offers the delight of the original sturgeon caviar taste, but its reasonable price makes it affordable for a wide range of consumers.  The precise balance of fats “Tzar Caviar” perfectly effect and improve blood circulation and the digestive system of the human body. Never before substitute was so close to the real caviar! 

“Tzar Caviar” is highly appreciated by food experts and connoisseurs. It has received numerous awards at international and domestic exhibitions.

“Tzar Caviar” takes 74% of the whole caviar substitute Russian market. The product is supplied to all regions of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and other countries.


“Tzar Caviar” from ocean fish fillets

Net weight – 105 g

Shelf life – 12 months

Storage temperature - 0°C … +8°C

Tzar Caviar is packed in the original Russian caviar jars.

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